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If you are looking for an educational and unique experience to develop your staff then you cannot get any better than our equine facilitated workshops.

Ready to try something new?

We’ve reimagined what professional development looks like.

Our mission is to foster emotionally intelligent leaders and teams through experiential learning workshops that provide realtime feedback. However, authentic feedback in training programmes is difficult because humans are naturally bias. 

So, how do we get around this? One member of your team is a horse. Yes, really. With a horse as our co-facilitator, Advali Lead offer training in both team building and leadership.

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Inspired by nature, empowered by science

A holistic approach.

Supported by a theoretical understanding of how the brain works, our workshops give participants challenging, thought-provoking present-moment experiences — with horses. With this unique and innovative blend, Advali Lead provide a holistic approach to leadership and team building training.

So, why horses?

Humans are wonderfully imperfect; we all have our flaws and faults, and these flow into professional development contexts. Even the most “picture-perfect” leaders will be biased in these situations — we just can’t help it!
That’s where horses come in.


Horses are the ideal co-facilitator for initiating change and development because horses they don’t have a frontal cortex. This means they literally can’t seperate their feelings from their behaviour. They can’t lie. A horse can only work within the boundaries of the present moment, curating a communication environment grounded in honesty. Horses are masters at reading nonverbal communication, which is ideal because most of our communication actually comes down to body language.

A horse’s ability to read our intentions and provide immediate feedback helps us become more aware of our nonverbal communication practices. We can better understand how our thoughts impact our body language, and the potential effect our subtle signs can have on others.

What we offer

Equine Facilitated Training Workshops

We provide you with valuations based on the latest methodology that has been proven to be more reliable and accurate than the standard methodologies used in the market by other businesses.

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These workshops provide a unique team building event in a fun atmosphere.  Create bonding opportunities, test cohesiveness, and evaluate teamwork as your team take on communication-based tasks with a horse. 

The activities focus on communication, team building, relationship building, and understanding strengths.

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These workshops couple experiential learning with a theoretical understanding of how the brain works to provide participants with a holistic approach to leadership training. By working with horses, participants receive immediate feedback on their nonverbal communication, which facilitates personal development.

The activities focus on emotional intelligence, personal development, communication, and understanding strengths.

Developing emotionally intelligence teams

Our Unique Offerring

We have developed our own custom software to quickly value and analyse the performance of a business. It's the first software of its kind to directly link business value to key financial ratios to truely understand the drivers of business value.

How we differ

Stepping outside the classroom

Saddled with responsibility? Our workshops on team building and leadership provide you with the best chance of success in your role. Here's why.

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Based on experiential learning, you’ll undertake present-moment activities and get immediate feedback on your nonverbal communication, facilitating personal development.

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We utilise the latest research in neuroscience to help participants understand how the brain responds to perceived threats in the workplace, and how that impacts behaviour.

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Backed by an entire team of professionals (humans and horses!), you’ll benefit from a dynamic experience run by experts with a blend of skills and backgrounds.


Surrounded by trees and nature, our five-acre property is only 35 minutes from the CBD. Get out of the office and soak up the outdoors as you grow and learn. 


Our horses undergo hours of training each week. Each horse has a different personality, but they’re all approachable, friendly, and ready to be part of the team.

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Our unmatched workshops provide you with an outside-the-box experience where you can gain new insights about yourself your team like never before. 

Why us?

Experienced Professionals

We have a team of experienced professionals who have a range of specialist skills.

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Key to success

The importance of emotional intelligence

Research suggests that nearly one third of an organisation’s financial performance can be attributed to its working environment. An environment that’s influenced by the leaders of the organisation.

It doesn’t matter how much training or experience a corporate head has — without emotional intelligence, they’ll never become a great leader. Partnering with horses in leadership programs provides a unique opportunity to foster the development of emotional intelligence in our leaders. 

Unlike other training programs, in which a participant may need to go away to work on things learned about themselves, horses allow people to make immediate and lasting changes. This aligns with emerging neuropathway research, which suggests that present-moment experiences lead to permanent cognitive and emotional change.

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