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Understanding Business Value

Valuation Services

We provide APES225 compliant valuation reports for business sales, SMSF audit compliance and for businesses wanting to better understand where they can focus to improve the value.

How we differ

Not Just a Valuation Report

Our valuation reports are APES225 compliant but they differ from your standard valuation report. We don't just provide a valuation using the most accurate and reliable methodology, we have also developed a way to directly link the value to key performance metrics to analyse what's driving the value.

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Our methodology has the lowest prediction error indicating that it is the most accurate valuation approach (27% lower compared to the Discounted Cash Flow valuation methodology).

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Our methodology has the highest explanation power for variances in stock prices indicating that it is the best predictor of value (103% better compared to the Discounted Cash Flow valuation methodology).

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This approach results in less bias (and less potential for manipulation) as information from both the balance sheet and income statement are used in the valuation process.

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A key benefit of using this methodology is that the value can be directly linked to key performance metrics, providing insights into what is driving any change in value.

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Another advantage of using one single methodology to value businesses is that it allows for different businesses across various industries to be compared to each other on the same basis.

What we offer

Business Sale Valuation Reports

We provide you with valuations based on the latest methodologies that have been proven to be more reliable and accurate than the standard methodologies used in the market by other businesses.

We calculate value not price.

Where many companies work backwards from previous sales to determine price, we calculate the value based on fundamental principles and then let the buyer and seller circumstances determine the final price as value and price are not the same.

We offer affordable prices.

Obtaining a business valuation can be expensive and they don't always provide much insight beyond a number which is why we have developed a report that not only provides great insights into the value of the business but is also affordable so there is not question about whether you should get one done or not.

Our report provides greater insights.

As our valuation methodology enables a direct link to key performance metrics, our comprehensive report provides more than just a number but demonstrates what's driving the value and how that value has evolved over time.

Download our whitepaper

Preparing your business for sale

To achieve a successful business sale, and to maximise the price, what processes should owners undertake in preparing their business for sale? Learn some tips in our whitepaper preparing your business for sale.

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Why us?

Experienced Chartered Accountants

We have a team of experienced Chartered Accountants including one fellow Chartered Accountant who is an internationally recognised Professor.

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What we offer

SMSF Valuation Reports

With the pressure of keeping compliance costs down and adhering to audit requirements, we can provide you with a low cost valuation for those SMSF's that have holdings in private business.

We offer affordable prices.

There is always pressure on keep down the compliance costs of SMSF's and a big cost is usually the valuations required for any SMSF that holds shares in a private company. We can offer competitive prices to help keep that annual compliance cost down.

A reliable, accurate and consistent valuation methodology

Valuing private businesses can be challenging and when using market sales as your main data source, it can lead to significant variances year on year. We use a methodology that has been proven to be more reliable, more accurate, less bias and more consistent than any of the other methodologies typically used by valuers.

We actually calculate business goodwill

Many companies use goodwill as the plug figure, they value the entire business and then subtract the net assets to get the goodwill figure. We, however, calculate the goodwill figure and then add the net assets to determine the total business value so the goodwill figure is a more accurate reflection of the business performance.

Our own software

Advali Analysis

We have developed our own custom software to quickly value and analyse the performance of a business. It's the first software of its kind to directly link business value to key financial ratios to truely understand the drivers of business value.

What we offer

Business Improvement Valuation Reports

When undertaking business improvement initiatives it's important to understand the drivers of business value. It's critical to know what's driving the value and how it has changed over time.

Tracking value over time.

The best metric to assess business performance over time is business value but rarely is this used because of the cost involved and difficulty of consistently measuring value (without external factors having a significant influence). Our new valuation methodology solves this issue and provides a new better way of measuring business performance over time.

Understand the areas to focus

Our comprehensive report helps identify what’s driving the change in business value. It allows you to understand the areas that you are doing well and to focus on the areas that are detracting value. Our reports directly link performance metrics to the value to provide more meaningful information.

We offer affordable prices.

We know most businesses only obtain a valuation when they are required to even though it would be beneficial to obtain them regularly. Why? Because it's usually expense and they generally provide limited meaningful information beyond a number. This is where we are different, we provide valuations at affordable rates and our report provides more than just a number in order to encourage businesses to obtain them even when they don't have to.

Download our whitepaper

How and why you should value your business

If you value your business, you should have your business valued on a regular basis. Find out why in our whitepaper about how and why you should value your business.

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